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Have questions, suggestions, or feedback for the WERP team? We're here to listen and engage. Whether you're an avid listener, an ERP enthusiast, or a potential collaborator, your voice matters to us. Fill out the form below or drop us a line, and let's connect. Together, we can shape the future of women in ERP technology.

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As we journey through the dynamic world of ERP, your input and insights are invaluable to us. 

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Your thoughts and insights drive the WERP community forward. If you've got questions, insights, or just a spark of inspiration, we're eager to hear from you.

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Are you a trailblazer in the ERP sector with a story to share? Or perhaps you're looking for partnership opportunities? Whatever your aspirations, our door is always open for meaningful collaborations.

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Use the contact form or reach out to us directly. We're committed to responding promptly, ensuring that every voice in our community is heard. Let's strengthen the narrative of women in ERP together.

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The WERP podcast is more than just a series of episodes; it's a movement, a platform, and a community dedicated to shining a light on the influential women in ERP.

Whether you're a brand looking to align with our mission, an industry expert with a compelling story, or a media professional intrigued by our impact, there's a space for you to engage and collaborate. 


Align your brand with a movement that champions women in ERP technology. WERP offers a variety of sponsorship opportunities tailored to maximize exposure and impact. By partnering with us, you not only enhance your brand visibility but also support a platform committed to elevating voices in the ERP sector

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Share your journey, expertise, and insights with a captive audience passionate about ERP. We're always on the lookout for voices that can inspire, inform, and spark discussions. If you have a story or perspective worth sharing, consider joining us as a guest on the WERP podcast. Let's illuminate the ERP landscape together.

Media Enquiries

WERP is at the forefront of highlighting women in the ERP sector, making waves and generating buzz. For journalists, bloggers, or media outlets seeking insights, interviews, or detailed information about our podcast and initiatives, our team is readily available to assist and provide the resources you need. Reach out for a deeper dive into our world